Lewis, Norman P., and Stephenson Waters. 2017. “Data Journalism and the Challenge of Shoe-Leather Epistemologies.” Digital Journalism.

When the above article was published online, the literature review included a sentence written by the first author that erroneously summarized a 2016 article by Cate Dowd, “The New Order of News and Social Media Enterprises: Visualizations, Linked Data and New Methods and Practices in Journalism.” The sentence read: “New Zealand television workers defined data journalism as another type of visualization (Dowd 2016).” The article, published in a journal of the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association, described changing data practices generally and did not include material specific to New Zealand. Further, the sentence was an internal note that was not intended to be included in the lit review because it did not address the explication purpose of the paragraph. Therefore, the sentence and the citation have been removed from the article.

The first author apologizes for the error.