Grenfell Tower fire inquiry formally opens

The public inquiry into the causes of the Grenfell Tower fire will be formally opened today, with retired High Court judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick setting out details of how it will operate.

But it hasn’t yet been announced when it will begin to hear evidence, or even where future hearings will be held.

It is believed around 80 people died in the fire in west London in June, though many of the victims have yet to be positively identified.

:: Grenfell inquiry: Who is Sir Martin Moore-Bick?

Sir Martin Moore-Bick has previously faced criticism and barracking at a public consultation meeting from some in the community who feel he knows little about public housing or the area.

When he set out his terms of reference he suggested that he would want to bring in “a diverse group of people” with experience, but so far no appointments have been announced.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick arrives at the Latymer Community Church near Grenfell Tower to meet residents and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Image: Sir Martin will deliver the opening statement

Peter Herbert, the chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, tried and failed to get a judicial review of the make-up of the Inquiry.

He called the public consultation “shambolic”, telling Sky News: “There are very valid concerns about the leadership of this and that is why appointing diverse panel members is absolutely vital to deliver a credible inquiry which has a valid search for the truth.”

Sir Martin’s opening statement will be delivered at a central London hotel, which relatives of victims and survivors can attend, but a video stream will also be shown at Notting Hill Methodist Church close to Grenfell Tower.

:: Grenfell – The victims

The minister the Reverend Mike Green says he will be willing to testify at the inquiry about what he described as a chaotic response by officials in the days after the fire.

“I’d hope that all the questions that people have will be answered, that justice will not only be done but seen to be done, that people will trust in the process, and that it will do the job properly and be genuinely representative.

“That’s probably a lot to hope for, but it’s certainly an ideal that we cling to.”

Sir Martin Moore-Bick attends his first major meeting with Grenfell Tower residents

Video: Grenfell Tower inquiry boss told: ‘You’re not one of us’

Ahmed Chellat lost five relatives in the fire. Only two have so far been positively identified.

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He is surprised that a venue big enough to hold 200 people has been chosen for the opening, but no location has been announced for future sessions.

“Surely those people will be attending every day. Myself, I will be attending every day. I want to know what happened.”

An initial report on the cause of the fire and why it spread so quickly is expected to be delivered by Easter next year.

Other issues, such as fire regulations and the role played by the local council before and after the disaster, will take longer to resolve.

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  • Tony Disson, 65

    The 65-year-old retired lorry driver had lived on the 10th floor of Grenfell Tower for eight years.

    After getting trapped inside his flat, the great-grandfather reportedly called a friend and said: “Tell my sons that I love them.”

    In a statement, Mr Disson’s family described him as a “real family man”.

    They said: “Tony was the most generous person you could ever meet, he didn’t have much but would always be there to help people.”

    Mr Disson is survived by four sons, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. A sixth grandchild is due in September.

  • Ali Yawar Jafari, 82

    Mr Jafari lived on the 11th floor and tried to escape the tower with his wife and daughter when the fire broke out.

    They got in a lift but Mr Jafari got out on the 10th floor after suffering from breathing difficulties.

    An inquest opening heard he was pulled from the building by firefighters but pronounced dead at the scene.

    The provisional cause of his death was given as “inhalation of fire fumes” with a second cause of coronary and hypertensive heart disease.

    Mr Jafari’s family said he was “loved and will be greatly missed by his family and the wider community”.

  • Abdeslam Sebbar, 77

    Mr Sebbar’s remains were found in his flat on the 11th floor.

    The 77-year-old was identified by DNA and named as one of the victims who died from inhalation of fumes.

  • Denis Murphy, 56

    Denis Murphy lived on the 14th floor of Grenfell Tower.

    During the blaze, the 56-year-old had called his nephew Stevan Racz to say he was trapped.

    In a statement, Mr Murphy’s family said: “The pain, loss and sorrow we feel is indescribable and we have been left devastated with a gaping hole in our hearts that can never be filled.

    “To us he was an inspiration and an amazing, selfless, caring person and we feel lucky and blessed that he was part of our family, and his warmth and love will stay with us forever.

    “What really matters to us is what he stood for, family, friends, community, loyalty and love, and our lives will never be the same without him.”

  • Zainab Deen, 32

    The 32-year-old, who lived on the 14th floor of Grenfell Tower, has been formally identified as one of the victims.

    Her parents, Zainu and Maria Deen, confirmed their daughter had died.

    Ms Deen’s two-year-old son Jeremiah also lost his life.

    An inquest recorded her provisional cause of death as “being consistent with the effects of fire”.

    Originally from Sierra Leone, Ms Deen was described as a “beautiful, loving lady” when a group of friends gathered near Grenfell Tower to pay tribute to her.

    Isha Thomas, a friend of Ms Deen, said she believed she was following advice not to leave the tower block.

  • Jeremiah Deen, 2

    The two-year-old was reported missing following the fire, but he was formally identified at the beginning of August 2017.

    Zainu and Maria Deen, the toddler’s grandparents, paid tribute to Jeremiah and said: “You spent a moment in our arms, but you will last a lifetime in our hearts.”

    An inquest heard that Jeremiah’s remains were found alongside his mother Zainab, and he had been identified through DNA.

    The provisional cause of his death was “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Mohammad Alhajali, 23

    The civil engineering student lived on the 14th floor with his older brother Omar, who managed to escape from the fire.

    Trapped inside the flat for two hours after being separated from his sibling, he called a friend in Syria, asking him to say goodbye to his family who he had been unable to reach.

    Mr Alhajali had fled Syria with his two brothers in 2014 to start a new life in London, studying at the University of West London. He had hoped to return one day to help the country.

    His friend lost contact with him at 5am. He sent one final message saying: “The fire is here now goodbye”.

    Mr Alhajali was the first victim of the Grenfell Tower fire to be identified.

    His body was found outside the building, and an inquest found that he died from injuries consistent with falling from a height.

    A family statement read at his funeral service said he “loved London and the people he met here”.

    Mr Alhajali was “a loving and caring person”, the tribute said, who was “always showing support and solidarity for friends and family stuck back in Syria”.

  • Steve Power, 63

    The 63-year-old was reported to be reluctant to leave his two dogs, and is understood to have remained in his flat on the 15th floor.

    A local man who knew him told Sky News: “He wouldn’t leave his dogs and it cost him his life.”

    His daughter posted an appeal on Twitter as she searched for Mr Power.

  • Hamid Kani, 61

    The 61-year-old Iranian lived alone in flat 154 on the 15th floor of Grenfell Tower.

    However, his body was recovered on the 23rd floor – suggesting he fled upstairs in search of safety.

    In a statement, his family said he would be remembered “for his wit, compassion and devotion to his family and friends”.

    They added: “No words can express our sorrow for his loss and the way he left us. He will always be part of our lives and his memory will live on.”

    An inquest was told he died of injuries “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Deborah Lamprell, 45

    Ms Lamprell lived on the 16th floor and worked front of house at Opera Holland Park.

    On the night of the fire, she sent a text message to her mother at around 11.30pm. That was the last that was heard from her.

    She was described by her mother as “a wonderful, precious daughter, always smiling and helping others”.

    To honour Deborah and other victims of the fire, Opera Holland Park held a special encore after a performance in July.

    Michael Volpe, general director at the company, said she had worked for them for several years and described her as “a really valued member of staff”.

    He said: “Not only was she known to all of our patrons, she was really popular with all the singers, chorus and the orchestra and she had a lovely way about her.”

  • Marjorie Vital, 68

    Marjorie lived on the 16th floor of Grenfell Tower in a flat she shared with her son, Ernie. He was also killed.

    She had lived there almost since it was built and had worked in the textile industry for many years after coming to the UK from Dominica.

    Her family said: “She was a beautiful, joyful, independent, intelligent, kind-hearted, sensitive individual who dedicated her life to her children.”

  • Ernie Vital, 50

    Ernie had been staying with his mother, Marjorie, in her flat on the 16th floor. She also died in the fire.

    Ernie was formally identified on 23 August 2017. An inquest into his death opened on 30 August heard that his remains were found on the 23rd floor.

    He was identified through DNA.

    His family said he worked in the catering industry.

    “He was a creative individual who pursued a creative life. He was a proud, humble, mature and independent man,” his family said.

    “He was a loyal son and a law abiding citizen who maintained good relationships with all those he met in society.

    “He will be remembered as a kind, sensitive and caring person with a warm hearted smile.”

  • Joseph Daniels, 69

    Joseph Daniels lived on the 16th floor of Grenfell Tower.

    He reportedly suffered from dementia and was confused so could not be moved.

    He was identified through DNA.

  • Sheila Smith, 84

    The 84-year-old’s body was recovered on the 16th floor of the tower, where she had lived for 34 years.

    Sheila had two sons, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren and was said to be a “very active and well-respected” member of the community.

    Her family said: “Sheila was cycling around London, performing yoga daily and swimming regularly in the Kensington Leisure Centre until she was 80 years old.

    “As a family we are heartbroken as to this senseless tragedy that took her far too early, and will do all we can to honour her name.”

    An inquest opening heard she died from “the effects of the fire”.

  • Kamru Miah, 79

    Mr Miah lived on the 17th floor with his wife Rabeya Begum, their daughter, and two sons.

    He had difficulty walking and his grown-up children stayed in the tower because they knew their parents were not mobile enough to escape.

    They had been housed in Grenfell Tower about a year before the fire.

    All five of them died.

  • Rabeya Begum, 64

    Mrs Begum lived on the 17th floor with her husband Kamru Miah and their three children, who all died together.

    They were said to be on the phone with relatives throughout the blaze.

    A nephew, Abdul, was called by his cousin Husna who begged him to help them escape.

    He said he arrived and saw his uncle screaming from the window, but could not do anything to help.

  • Mohammed Hanif, 26

    Mohammed Hanif was on the 17th floor of Grenfell Tower.

    He reportedly spoke to his relative on the phone during the fire, telling him his “time had come”.

    He was with his brother and sister, who all could have tried to escape, but they stayed and died together with their parents.

  • Mohammed Hamid, 29

    Mohammed Hamid stayed in the flat on the 17th floor with his parents and siblings.

    One of his relatives posted a tribute on Facebook saying: “He had the chance to get out of the building but stayed with his mum n dad n brother n sister.. knowing he wouldn’t live.”

    A fourth sibling, Hakim, is reportedly the only member of the immediate family still alive.

    He had moved out after getting married.

    He last saw his family a few hours before the fire.

  • Husna Begum, 22

    Husna’s body was reportedly found near the lifts on the 17th floor.

    She and her brothers stayed with their parents Kamru and Rabeya in the burning flat.

    Husna, who had been due to get married, was buried beside her mother, Rabeya.

  • Khadija Khalloufi, 52

    Mrs Khalloufi died after she became separated from her husband, Sabah Abdullah, as they tried to escape from their flat on the 17th floor.

    Due to the crush and panic in the stairwell, they were split up between the 16th and 15th floors.

    Mr Abdullah survived, suffering cuts to his feet after running out in his bedclothes. He was granted an emergency passport to attend her funeral in Morocco after his identification was lost in the blaze.

    The couple had lived in Grenfell Tower together for their entire 30-year marriage.

    Mrs Khalloufi died from inhalation of fumes, an inquest heard.

  • Vincent Chiejina, 60

    Mr Chiejina lived on the 17th floor and was identified by his DNA.

    The 60-year-old’s provisional cause of death was given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Isaac Paulos, 5

    The schoolboy’s body was discovered on the 13th floor – five levels below the flat where he lived with his family.

    An inquest heard he vanished in dense smoke as his family tried to escape, and choked on fumes from the fire.

    In a statement, Isaac’s family said they would “miss our kind, energetic, generous little boy”.

    They added: “He was such a good boy who was loved by his friends and family.

    “We will miss him forever, but we know God is looking after him now and that he is safe in heaven.”

  • Berkti Haftom, 29

    Berkti and her 12-year-old son Biruk, who was also died in the blaze, lived in flat 155 on the 18th floor of the building.

    Her remains were recovered from the 21st floor and a provisional cause of death was given as “being consistent with the effects of fire”.

    Berkti and her son reportedly helped 12-year-old victim Jessica Urbano by lending her a phone to call her mother, who was not in the tower at the time of the blaze.

    The 29-year-old’s family described her as a “generous, caring, loving mother, partner, sister, aunty and friend” who will be “missed by us all forever”.

  • Biruk Haftom, 12

    The schoolboy is thought to have lived in flat 155 on the 18th floor of the building with his mother Berkti, who was also among those who died in the blaze.

    His family said: “Biruk was a loving, pure hearted boy, wise beyond his years and known for his politeness, kind heart and his love for his family and friends.

    “Berkti and Biruk left an everlasting legacy full of lovely memories and their contagious laughter and charisma will live in our hearts forever.

    “We are deeply hurt and heartbroken our angels were taken from us so cruelly, so young.We will not rest until justice is served!”

    Biruk was described by his science teacher as an “academic star” who was “really going places”.

  • Sakina Afrasehabi, 65

    Sakina lived with her younger sister Fatima in Grenfell Tower.

    Ms Afrasehabi’s family have said she was disabled and could only move with a walking stick – but she had no choice but to live on the 18th floor of the building.

    Once the fire broke out in the early hours of the morning, she called her son and told him they were in trouble.

    However, their phone connection cut out shortly afterwards.

    She was formally identified as a victim of the blaze on 22 August 2017.

    Her family said: “Sakina was a loving mother of five, who is much missed by all of us. She was completely selfless in all she did and always put other people first.”

  • Mohamednur Tuccu, 44

    The 44-year-old security guard and his wife and daughter were breaking the Ramadan fast with friends.

    He was reported missing along with his wife Amalahmedin and their three-year-old daughter Amaya after visiting relatives in Grenfell Tower, his employer previously said.

    He texted his cousin at about 9pm on the evening of the fire, but his family did not hear from him again after this.

    His body was recovered close to a leisure centre near the tower block, where he was found with multiple injuries.

    Mr Tuccu worked at Red Consultancy, and was a month away from being rewarded for his decade’s service at the company.

    An inquest at Westminster Coroner’s Court found his provisional cause of death was the inhalation of fire fumes.

  • Eslah Elgwahry, 64

    Ms Elgwahry, who was also known as Suhar, lived with her daughter Mariem, who is still missing, on the 19th floor.

    Soon after the fire, a friend of her daughter shared an appeal on social media, writing: “Last someone heard from her was 2.30am, she was with her mum.”

    Ms Elgwahry’s remains were found on the 23rd floor, four floors higher than her flat.

    She was identified through her dental records, with the cause of death given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Mary Mendy, 52

    Also known as Cissy, Gambia-born Ms Mendy was with her daughter, artist Khadija Saye, on the 20th floor of the tower.

    Her sister said in a tribute: “Your heart was pure, your soul was one of a kind. You will be missed for a lifetime.”

    Ms Mendy was found in the lobby on the 13th floor and identified from dental records.

    She died from smoke inhalation.

  • Khadija M Saye, 24

    Also known as Ya-Haddy Sisi Saye, the British-Gambian artist and photographer was on the 20th floor with her mother.

    At the time of the fire, her work was part of an exhibition at the Venice Biennale, and has since been displayed at the Tate Britain.

    She last tweeted on 10 May, saying: “It’s been a real journey, but mama, I’m an artist exhibiting in Venice and the blessings are abundant!”

    Her friend, Tottenham MP David Lammy, called her “a wonderful young woman” and “a talented artist”.

    Ms Saye was found in a hallway on the ninth floor, with her cause of death listed as “inhalation of fire fumes and burns”.

    The Khadija Saye Memorial Fund has been launched by her mentor, the artist Nicole Green, to fund opportunities for young, emerging artists.

  • Jessica Urbano Ramirez, 12

    Jessica was at home on the 20th floor of the tower block on the night of the fire, and was last seen there.

    She made desperate calls for help to her parents, who were not there at the time of the blaze.

    Mrs Urbano said she told her daughter to run as fast as possible down the stairs.

    A family statement said: “Our little girl was loving, kind-hearted and caring. She brought joy to everyone who met her and her laugh was contagious.”

  • Farah Hamdan, 31

    The 31-year-old was married to Omar Belkadi, who also died in the Grenfell Tower fire, and they lived on the 20th floor of the building with their children.

    She was found dead holding her youngest daughter Leena in a stairwell between the 19th and 20th floors.

    The inquest into her death heard she died from smoke inhalation.

  • Omar Belkadi, 32

    Omar Belkadi lived on the 20th floor of Grenfell Tower with his wife and three daughters.

    Four members of the family, including Mr Belkadi, died, with just one of his daughters surviving the blaze.

    Mr Belkadi died from inhaling fire fumes.

  • Leena Belkadi, six months

    Youngest daughter of Omar Belkadi and Farah Hamdan, Leena died from inhalation of fumes.

    At just six months old, she was one of the youngest victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

    She was found dead in her mother’s arms in a stairwell between the 19th and 20th floors.

  • Malek Belkadi, seven

    Eldest daughter of Omar Belkadi and Farah Hamdan, seven-year-old Malek initially survived the fire.

    She was found alive on the 20th floor but died later at St Mary’s Hospital, west London.

    Her cause of death was inhalation of fumes.

    Her parents and her baby sister Leena also died. A second sister, six-year-old Tazmin, survived.

  • Abdul Aziz El-Wahabi, 52

    Abdul Aziz lived on the 21st floor with his wife and three children.

    His youngest son, Medhi, was just eight years old.

    His body was recovered from the 21st floor, along with his wife’s. His eldest son, Yasin, 20, also died in the fire.

    There has as yet been no official news on Medhi and the couple’s daughter, Nurhouda, 15.

    Mr El-Wahabi’s sister, Hana, told reporters she spoke to him after the fire broke out, but it had not reached the top of the block at that point.

    “He said he had been told to stay inside, stay in one room together and put towels under the door,” she said.

    “I told him to leave. He said he was going to come. Then I called him and he said there was too much smoke.

    “The last time I saw him they were waving out the window. The last time I spoke to his wife, he was on the phone to the fire brigade.”

  • Faouzia El-Wahabi, 41

    Faouzia lived on the 21st floor with her husband Abdul Aziz, their sons, Yasin, 20, and Medhi, eight, and their daughter Nurhouda, 15.

    Her body was recovered from the 21st floor, along with her husband’s.

  • Yasin El-Wahabi, 20

    Yasin lived in flat 182 on the 21st floor with his parents, brother and sister.

    His extended family said: “Yasin was a lovable, bubbly and caring young man.

    “He would lend his hand to anyone who asked for help. He was loved by so many and his contagious smile will always be etched on our minds and hearts.”

  • Logan Gomes, stillborn

    Unborn baby Logan Gomes has officially been recorded by police as a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire.

    His mother Andreia, who was seven months pregnant, lived on the 21st floor with her husband and two children.

    They all managed to escape but Logan was stillborn in hospital on 14 June.

  • Raymond ‘Moses’ Bernard, 63

    Mr Bernard, known to friends as Moses, lived on the 21st floor of the tower and often stayed with his partner, Karen McMillan, on a different floor of the block.

    He was reportedly a popular character in the area, often seen out walking his King Charles spaniel, Marley.

    His friend, Trish, said: “He was always telling people to be good to each other and it’s devastating to think anything bad could have happened.”

    Another friend, Michael, said: “There are a lot of people grieving for him, and he was a very loving man.”

    His family said: “Gone but not forgotten, you are so dearly loved by us all and will sadly be missed by many. May you rest in eternal peace, with love always.”

  • Nura Jemal, 35

    The mother of three lived on the 22nd floor with her husband, Hashim Kedir, and their children.

    On the night of the fire she called friends saying: “The fire is here, I’m dying.”

    She was described by her family as “beloved, positive-minded, devout and courageous”.

    A statement on behalf of her family said: “You appreciated even the smallest things in life. And your joy was contagious. Being around you could lighten up anyone’s day in a matter of seconds.”

    Ms Jemal was recovered on the 22nd floor and identified by her dental records, with her cause of death given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Hashim Kedir, 44

    The father of the Hashim family lived on the 22nd floor with his wife, Nura Jemal, and three children.

    His sister described him as her “role model”, saying he was “giving and sharing until his last day”.

    She described him as “making friends so easily; age, gender, religion, ethnicity or social status didn’t matter”.

    His niece said: “You travelled around the world and you were never afraid to take risks and try something new… Thank you for being the best uncle in the world.”

    Mr Hashim was identified using DNA, with his cause of death given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Firdaws Hashim, 12

    The Kensington Aldridge Academy pupil lived with her two brothers and parents on the 22nd floor of the block.

    Her family described her as “intelligent, wise, eloquent and beautiful” with “the voice of an angel”.

    Sports charity leader Sean Mendez said “she naturally took a leadership role around the other kids and was always looking after them”.

    Firdaws was identified using DNA and her cause of death was given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Yahya Hashim, 13

    The schoolboy lived on the 22nd floor with his two younger siblings and parents.

    His aunt described him as her “most kind, handsome, pure-hearted, sweet nephew”.

    She said: “Everyone that met you used to fall in love with your politeness and pure-heartedness”.

    The sports-loving teen had been attending a taekwondo class with his little brother just hour before the fire.

    His dream was to grow up and become a religious education teacher.

    Yahya was identified through dental records after his remains were recovered from the 22nd floor.

  • Nadia Choucair, 33

    The 33-year-old nursery worker and mother of three lived on the 22nd floor of Grenfell Tower with her husband and their daughters: Mierna, 13, Fatima, 11, and Zeinab, three.

    All but Zeinab have been confirmed dead by a coroner.

    Nadia died along with her husband Bassem, mother Sirria and her daughters.

    Her brother Nabil says his trauma has been compounded by a vacuum of official information.

    He said: “We want to know… we’re trying to find out everything we can about what last information there is about our family.

    “It’s very important. It’s the only thing that we have left.”

  • Bassem Choucair, 40

    The 40-year-old father was found on the 22nd floor of the tower block.

    He lived there with his wife Nadia, mother-in-law Sirria and three daughters.

    Bassem’s sister-in-law, Sawsan, spoke to him on the phone when the fire started.

    She said: “It was just two seconds, he said “yeah” and there was lots of screaming in the background.”

  • Fatima Choucair, 11

    The 11-year-old was found on the 22nd floor of Grenfell Tower, where she lived with her family.

    An inquest was told that Fatima was identified by her dental records.

    She died alongside her parents, grandmother and sisters.

  • Mierna Choucair, 13

    The 13-year-old was found on the 22nd floor of the tower block, where she lived.

    Mierna died along with her father Bassem, mother Nadia and other members of her family.

  • Sirria Choucair, 60

    The 60-year-old grandmother was found on the 22nd floor of Grenfell Tower, where she lived.

    Sirria died along with her daughter Nadia, son-in-law Bassem, and two of their children.

    Her three-year-old granddaughter Zeinab was also in the building.

  • Marco Gottardi, 27

    The Italian architectural assistant, who worked in east London, lived on the 23rd floor with his girlfriend Gloria Trevisan.

    Mr Gottardi’s cousin posted a message on Facebook the day after the fire, writing: “I don’t have no news from them since last night and their mobile phones are off. I’m praying God they make it out safely.”

    During Mr Gottardi’s funeral in Venice, the bishop said: “Marco and Gloria were united in life. They are now in the sky close to each other and beside the Lord.”

    Mr Gottardi was identified by his dental records, with the cause of death given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Hesham Rahman, 57

    Mr Rahman lived on the 23rd floor and was last in contact with his family at 3am on the night of the fire.

    He told them he could smell smoke, adding: “Don’t worry, as soon as I’m out I’ll let you know.

    “The police are coming to get me, I’ve spoken to them. It’s going to be okay.”

    In the days after the fire, his relatives put up posters and visited hospitals around the capital.

    At the time, Mr Rahman’s nephew Karim told Sky News: “We are preparing for the worst, of course we have to understand that, but there’s still hope.”

    An inquest into his death heard he was identified following dental examination.

  • Gloria Trevisan, 26

    The Italian architect lived on the 23rd floor with her boyfriend, Marco Gottardi.

    The pair had moved from Venice to London around four months before to look for jobs after graduating from the University of Padua.

    Ms Trevisan spent her final moments on the phone to her mother, telling her: “I had my whole life ahead of me. It’s not fair. I don’t want to die.” She was last heard from at 3.30am.

    She was identified by her dental records, with her cause of death given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

  • Mohamed Neda, 57

    Mr Neda’s wife and son escaped to safety and were taken to hospital after the fire broke out.

    They said he had been on the top floor of the building trying to help people.

    The last contact with Mr Neda was at 3am on the night of the fire, when he phoned his nephew and told him he was stuck in the kitchen of his flat on the top floor.

    His body was found outside the tower block, and he died as a result of multiple injuries consistent with a fall.

  • Gary Maunders, 57

    Gary Maunders was found among the victims on the 23rd floor.

    The-57-year-old was identified through his dental records and the provisional cause of death was given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.

    His friend Deborah Lamprell, who lived on 19th floor, was also named among the victims.

  • Fathia Ahmed, 71

    The 71-year-old pensioner was discovered on the 23rd floor and identified by her dental records.

    Her son Abufars Ibrahim, 39, was also listed as missing before a coroner confirmed he did not survive the blaze.

    There has been no official news on the fate of Esra Ibrahim, 35, who is thought to be her daughter.

  • Abufars Ibrahim, 39

    The 39-year-old is believed to have lived on the 23rd floor of Grenfell Tower with his mother and sister.

    His 71-year-old mother Fathia Ahmed was killed in the blaze.

    An inquest heard he died from multiple injuries.

  • Amna Mahmud Idris, 27

    Police have confirmed that Amna Mahmud Idris is among the victims but no information has been released about her.

    It is not known if the 27-year-old lived in Grenfell Tower or whether she was visiting friends or family.