Save £130 When You Upgrade Your Old Calibration Device To Spyder5ELITE


Datacolor is offering all display calibration owners the opportunity to upgrade to the company’s ultimate display calibration device and software, Spyder5ELITE+, for a fraction of the price this summer.

From 17 July to 31 August 2017, users can save £130 on the Spyder5ELITE package, which will include a Spyder5ELITE+ software upgrade and a 90-day Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan membership.

How To Upgrade To Spyder5ELITE+

To take advantage of this offer, submit the serial number of your display calibration device on the Datacolor website. Both non-Spyder and Spyder devices will be accepted. As long as you own a display calibration device, whichever brand it is, you will be eligible.

Spyder5ELITE+ Features:

  • Easily calibrate your monitor’s brightness to prevent dark prints and the loss of details in the shadows
  • Highly durable and features dust protection
  • It guarantees colour accuracy with its patented encapsulated 7-detector optical engine and its built-in lens cap
  • Match multiple displays to the same specifications with the industry-leading StudioMATCH
  • Ensure your monitor profile changes as the room light conditions shift with automatic room light switching
  • Use your own images to check colour improvement with the full screen before/after function