Sun says sorry and pays substantial damages to former BBC producer over false front-page bullying claim

The Sun has apologised and agreed to pay substantial libel damages to a former BBC TV producer it said was sacked for bullying.

The front-page story, headlined “Enders axe flop boss”, about Sean O’Connor appeared on Saturday 24 June.

In a page two correction, The Sun said: “We wrongly suggested that Mr O’Connor had been sacked as a result of bullying the cast of the show, and to such an extent that the actors had complained to the BBC.

“We now accept that this was wrong. Mr O’Connor had not been accused of bullying anyone, none of the cast complained to the BBC about him bullying them, and his decision to leave the BBC had nothing to do with any claims of bullying.

“We apologise to Mr O’Connor for the distress caused and have agreed to pay him substantial damages and legal costs.”

Yesterday Press Gazette revealed that The Sun is facing an expected IPSO complaint from the parents of tragic baby Charlie Gard after it lifted their interview with the Daily Mail and labelled it as an exclusive.

Last month The Sun was rapped by press regulator IPSO for reporting as fact unconfirmed claims that a prisoner had died from smoking the sythetic drug spice.