May 21, 2018

The LG Q7 Is A New Mid-Range Smartphone

LG’s latest smartphone has updated cameras, it’s water/dust resistant and features built-in photo modes.
May 21, 2018

Windmill At Sunset Awarded Photo Of The Week Accolade

A beautiful capture of a windmill at sunset has been awarded the Photo of the Week accolade.
May 20, 2018

Teens could be limited to two hours a day on Facebook or playing video games like Fortnite – The Sun

The Sun Teens could be limited to two hours a day on Facebook or playing video games like FortniteThe SunTEENAGERS could be limited to as […]
May 18, 2018

Coupled, two Rohingya pictures prove the vitality of photojournalism

EVER SINCE THE ARRIVAL of video as a news medium, commentators have pronounced the still news photograph obsolete. Susan Sontag led the way in 1977. She considered […]
May 17, 2018

Second May Photo Month Winner Announced

It’s time to announce the second Photo Month winner this month who’s got their hands on a year’s Foliopic membership.
May 17, 2018

OnePlus 6 Hands-On Preview

We go hands-on with the OnePlus 6 and have a look at the photo and camera options available.
May 17, 2018

Bruce Gilden’s Farm Boys And Farm Girls USA

Stuart Fawcett has been to Bruce Gilden’s latest exhibition, forming part of Photo London.
May 17, 2018

How To Photograph Group Product Shots With One Speedlight

Learn how to perfect your lighting and photo editing skills to shoot product shots like a pro.
May 16, 2018

OnePlus 6 Announced With Dual Cameras

OnePlus has announced the new OnePlus 6 with dual cameras, 4K video, and face-unlock.
May 16, 2018

In India, the fake news problem isn’t Facebook, it’s WhatsApp

Ever since the news broke that a Russian troll factory used Facebook to spread misinformation during the 2016 US election, the social network has been […]
May 16, 2018

Resettled in Virginia, Afghan journalists struggle with underemployment

NAZIR AFZALI SITS IN A PUBLIC LIBRARY in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s wearing a dark winter jacket and a day’s worth of stubble on his face. […]
May 16, 2018

Piksel introduces next-generation Video Content Management System (VCMS) and announces VCMS²

York, May 16 2018 – Piksel, a global provider of software solutions for the media and broadcast industry, announced the arrival of its next generation […]
May 15, 2018

Reporting in a Machine Reality: Deepfakes, misinformation, and what journalists can do about them

A few weeks ago BuzzFeed published a video of former President Barack Obama making some decidedly out-of-character quips. What’s most noteworthy about the video, however, […]