Trainee Digital Reporter job, Bath Live, Bath

Trinity Mirror plc is looking for a Trainee Digital Journalist to join their newsroom in Bath.

They need a candidate that is full of ideas and aware of content which drives digital audience, as well as being fast, organised and accurate, with the ability to communicate brilliantly via social media.

The successful candidate will have superb social media skills, excellent online storytelling techniques and a deep understanding of how to make content engaging to digital audiences.

The role will involve creating content for one of Trinity Mirror’s newest websites, The site will soon take the place of and represents the latest roll-out of Trinity Mirror’s Live branding.

Bath Live, which launches on March 19, is a fast-moving digital news channel which will keep readers in the know about what’s happening in Bath seven days a week.

They cover all that Bath is talking about, every day – the latest developments, ways to avoid traffic jams or to ease travel woes, the rugby news and chatter, the very newest restaurant openings and guides plus the very best things to do in the amazing city of Bath.

Bath Live sits within the wider Somerset Live website, which is managed from its head office in Yeovil.

The role will involve covering Somerset stories from time to time.

Find out more about Bath Live here:

They will be reviewing applications as they are received so don’t delay in submitting your application.

the deadline for applications is 30 March.

Find out more and apply via this link:

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